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What we Know

1st Age

Human - Lastar - Prime - LG - Anubis - Bahamut

Elf (-> Drow) - Meghan - Negative - NE - Hel - Tun Mi Lung

Gnome - Orodruin - Positive - CN - ???? - Phoenix

Alignment are in balance: Lawful vs Chaotic and Good vs Evil

Inner Planes are not involved (+ve, -ve and Prime)

2nd Age

Human - Bavarik - Prime - LG - Anubis - Bahamut

Drow - Meghan - Negative - NE - Hel - Tun Mi Lung

Gnome - Orodruin - Positive - CN - ???? - Phoenix

Add a Negative/Evil Influence:

Derro - Yarl - Fire - ?? - ??? - Rantor

Loki's intervention drags the Age to 'negative' and introduces an Inner Plane - Fire. This destabilises the alignments, the Prime and the Inner Planes - creating the chaos that he desires.

3rd Age

Human - ??? - Prime - LG - Anubis - Bahamut

Drow - Meghan - Negative - NE - Hel - Tun Mi Lung

Gnome - ???- Positive - CN - ???? - Phoenix

Derro - Yarl - Fire - ?? - Set/Hades? - Rantor

Add a Positive/Good Influence:

+ Dwarf? (Earth)

The gods respond by adding a counter-balance to Yarl on the positive/good side while also balancing Fire's involvement with a Dwarf of Dor (the Water house). However, the bloom is aligned to Earth?

4th Age

Add a Negative/Evil Influence:

+ Duergar? (Air?)

5th Age

Add a Positive/Good Influence:

+ Elf? (Water) - Nenye? -> to complete the basic 'set' (Dwarf/Evil Dwarf; Gnome/Evil Gnome; Elf/Evil Elf; and Human <==> Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Prime, Negative, Positive)

6th Age

Add a Negative/Evil Influence:

+ Astral (Gith)? - possibly Cillian?

7th Age

Add a Positive/Good Influence:

+ Ethereal (Halfling?)


What Does it mean to be a Bloom

“And what does that mean?” the deep rasping voice pressed. Each intonation changed the shade and strength of the light before the elf, so that it pulsated disturbingly. Swallowing hard and clearly in two minds of whether or not to answer, the elf struggled to respond, “She has power and influence over the Prime.”

The questioning already seemed relentless, “For example?” the spectre asked, coming closer to the cowering figure before it.

“Well,” the elf swallowed again in an effort to overcome its fear, “she could rally all the Lawful and Good humans on the Prime – they would be drawn to her”, it replied, then added, “but that is not all.”

“Ahh yes,” agreed the phantasm and, expecting something more asked, “what else?”

The elf thought hard, drawing itself into a more comfortable position, seemingly becoming used to the ghostly image in front of it, “She has influence over the Prime itself and, perhaps, its very fabric,” he said mysteriously. After a pause he continued, “She could be aided in this by one of the Dragon Kind – one specific, most ancient and wise beast…Bahamut.”


“The way in which I believe that the Blooms could use their serpent’s knowledge to alter the fabric – and perhaps time - of their aligned Plane could rival the achievements of Inwe in Morgrad.”

“Go on…”

“Certainly Yishmay could use her power to create many practicably unassailable fortifications here on the Prime with Bahamut’s aid. Few Armies could stand in her way with the Great Serpent at the head of a huge, totally loyal force committed to remove all evil from the Prime forever.” With gathering strength seemingly born out of fear, the elf said, “Imagine what Tiamat could do with the Astral, and access to the outer Panes!”

Notes from Oggie:

In this Age there remains 9 blooms (decreased from previous periods) - one for each of the inner planes, plus +'ve and -'ve and including the Prime, Ethereal and Astral.

You have guessed reasonably well and have assigned alignments (against most) well.

Milai is Water and Yishmay is Prime

When I wrote the symbols, myths, legends and devices (including the characters) in this campaign, I had in mind the simplistic - if you were of earth, you remained of earth... I assigned more dramatic 'romantic' Planes to more unusual races. Anyway, it should not be too hard to align things more obviously...I must remember that you are all highly intelligent and will look beyond the obvious.

There is a male to balance each of the females -well done! Iki's poetry that brought you to understand/realise the blooms, depicted a male pov about a bloom and cursed it. Just as the male may love a bloom (to whatever end - Milai should look back at her story in Illuvator's realm) he may also fear, hate, loath said bloom. Do not forget, before you freed Yishmay, Senforn had tried repeatedly...

None of this answers what is there purpose however. Yes you have accurately assigned names to some of them but to what purpose? Yes, you know they are important, but why? You need to look back at the visions and poetry to understand their worth. Dafydd nearly hit on it but there is more to their influence over nature and the Planes against which they are assigned (some do not even know the power of their influence). Furthermore, once you gather their importance, how can you use it?


There is a strong link between Blooms and Dragons, see Fawn BW XXXIV

In the 7th Age these Blooms are:

Humans - Prime - Yishmay (LG) - Bahamut (Male counterpart = Senforn?)

Elves - Water - was Milai (LN) - Si Lung - (Male counterpart = Farion of the Vikrain) - possibly lost status after alignment change to LG - could be Malenwe now

Dwarves - Earth - Mandur (NG?) - Draco Augusta

Orodruin's Folk (Gnomes) - Positive - ????? (CG?)

????? - Air- ?Malenwe? (N?) (Male = Merc?)

Halfling - Ethereal - ?? (CN?)

Derro- Fire - Malask (CE?) - Rantor (as Dracolich)

Duergar - Astral (LE?) - Flore created by Set? - resides close to the Prime and has dominion over the Astral - Tiamat

Drow - Negative - Inwe (NE?) - Dragon = Tun Mi Lung (now dead)

Gith = Cillian?

The allegiance of the blooms has a strong correlation to the state of the Prime and its progress towards Ragnarok. Hence it is far better to control and influence a bloom than to ever kill one; the enemy are only likely to kill a bloom who cannot be corrupted.

If a bloom dies then another will immediately replace them. This introduces the concept of 'candidate blooms' or 'blooms in waiting'

Gwendolyn and Elerienne are both candidates for the role of human bloom; remembering that although Ellerienne is half-elf that still leaves her counted as human. Elerienne is already largely controlled by Inwe and Gwendolyn is currently trapped within the Iron Mountains.

Malenwe is a candidate for Sylvan Bloom?