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The journals of Brother Dafydd, Priest of Odin and Scribe

Chronicle - The Siege of Castle Lastar Where the companions first came upon the besieged castle, I first joined in their adventures, we explored the ancient Dwarven halls of Bolgar, freed the Golden Dragon Dracor Augusta and helped to lift the siege of Castle Lastar.

Chronicle - Zundar Where we took stock of the lore we knew, encountered a fell undead dragon and rider, almost perished on a mountain side, explored the Dwarven halls of Zundar and spent some time on the plane of Air.

Chronicle - Minas Aarda Where we used the pentagram to travel, discovered the entrance to a true Minas, were the wrong side of an invading Gith army but eventually fought and defeated a Gith Lord and drove back the forces of evil.

Chronicle - The Battle for Calahar Where we flew to the aid of Merc's army at Calahar and lead a shock attack against the enemy's artillery to help break the siege.

Chronicle - Minas Olga Where we descended into Minas Olga from the top of the tower, defeated a Balrog and retrieved a shard from the Dwarven tombs.

Chronicle - The Iron Mountains Where we travelled through the Iron Mountains on Findor's stair, met with an isolated house of dwarves beneath Calios' fortress and then confronted Calios, defeated him and took the Ring of Air.

Chronicle - Nega and Ochi Where we were underwhelmed by Thor's Avatar, travelled along the edge of the demi-plane of Shadows (despite its name) and then confronted Marriliath at Ochi, defeated her and took some more artifacts.

Chronicle - Nagrad Where we pressed on despite the lost of Mercantire, became (bad) sailors, discovered the lost city of Nagrad and spent ages wandering around it, got altogether too wet and defeated Tun Mi Lung.

Chronicle - Dor Where we returned to dry land (hooray), discovered lands untouched by war and became immediately suspicious, then decided on a plan with little chance of success and leading to almost certain death. We confronted Revern and Tuar Chan, killing them both, then bravely ran away from Rantor.

Chronicle - Gorgoroth Where we travelled across the plains of Gorgoroth to meet with Perion in Caladhon, mostly dying on the way!

Chronicle - Fangor Rodrus Where we met more dwarves than we expected whilst looking for gnomes.

Chronicle - Ishtur Where we fought for the gnomes, making new friends and receiving precious gifts.

Chronicle - Abyss Where we sort of saved Perion from assassination and then fell out about making deals to get to the Abyss before going there to steal something and getting caught in the act.

Chronicle - Malek Where we travelled to Malek looking for dragons and diverted for a moment for a quick fight... with each other!

Chronicle - Sutur Where we confronted Guerin at last!

Chronicle - From Fontainver to the Iron Mountains Where we decided to rescue someone anyway, but didn't.

Chronicle - The Plane of Air Where we attempted to undo some of the chaos we had been causing.

Chronicle - The Turning of the Tide or The Optimistic Title Where we guided Malenwe to her father and returned for the Battle of Fontainver.

Chronicle - The Quest for the Scabbard Where we travelled to the heart of Hades' realm just for a bit of a detour.

Chronicle - The Rescue of Yagitamo Where we ventured onto the plane of Ash to aid Perion in saving Yishmay's father.