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There are more dragons than just the nine aligned to planes and alignments

The major Dragons are linked to Inner Planes and must be in balance:

Positive: The unnamed dragon we met at Blavens pool

Negative: Rantor, who was previously 'Fire'

Positive Earth: Dracor Augusta (gold)

Negative Earth: Wan Lung

Positive Water: Si Lung - now hiding off the Prime

Negative Water:

Positive Fire: Unknown

Negative Fire: Rantor - killed by Tuar Chan. then Ranak - killed by the Party

Positive Air - Unknown

Negative Air - Tung mi Lung? (or was he water?), dead/banished

Astral - ??

Ethereal - ??

Tiamat (sp?) = Evil

Bahamut (sp?) = Good

From Inwe: “I have sent emissaries to the Northern Serpent,” ...

“The Father of all Wyrms that you spoke of?” the elf (Mercantire) asked, happy that he had grasped at least this part of the plan.

“Yes, the Father of All Linnorms…They live in the Frozen North, towards the edge of Morgrad,” the female voice asserted, before continuing triumphantly, “He has agreed that together we would bring Ragnarok to the Prime and set our Lady (Hel) on the Throne of Asgard.” The female voice let the meaning sink in before again adopting a conspiratorial tone, “He knows the old ways, before even the First Born walked the Prime…He knows how to manipulate the Fabric of the Prime in much the same way as the Gnomes work on Limbo. Together, we will be unassailable.”