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Dwarves first arrive on the Prime by entering the Gnome's underground halls from at least one other plane.

Dwarven Houses of the 1st Age

Dwarven Realms Dwarven House Ruler Ring/Crown Palantir Notes
Minas Arda House of Hamar


Hamar Earth Yes Goes to (Zundar) with Ring
Minas Bolgar (Olga) House of Findor


Findor 2nd Crown Yes
Minas Maedus Rodrus


Maedus 3rd Crown Yes
Minas Emras Zem


Zem Air Yes
Minas Morgul Ishtur


Ishtur Fire Yes Portal to Plane of Fire – Anvil ?
Minas Tiris House of Dor


Dor Water Yes
Halls of Zundar Balem


Balem Crown of Light No Owned original Sarnim Stone