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Key Elves

Ancient History:

The Elves currently in Eriador and Amorsland are the descendants of the crews of an exploratory fleet that came from the Elven Kingdom of Ceriana (long since lost). The fleet consisted of seven ships that were blown badly off course. Some suspect that the storms that caused this were not of natural origin. The ships were adrift for several months, with only the dweomer of the elven lords and occasional forays onto small islands for foodstuffs to keep them alive, before the shores of Eriador came into view. The ships anchored a few miles off-shore while the elves tried to decide what their next move should be.

After some days of observing the dense growth near shore the elves were fairly certain that the area was uninhabited and the seven ships decided to try for the shore. Once there, the first schisms began to appear. Some of the elves thought that, after plotting where they were, they ought to rebuild the ships and attempt to return home. Others thought they should settle where they were and live off the sea as they were all accustomed and a further group had had enough of the sea altogether and suggested going inland to make a new life.

The groups argued for days before it became apparent there would be no reconciliation. Those who wanted to live by the sea and those who wanted to try to return stayed by the shore and set about making new ships. Eventually, those who wished to return boarded their ship and left, they were never heard from again.

The group that stayed near the shore called their first settlement Celin, and it is today the largest concentration of the Sea Elves. The group that went inland either followed the Ishurias deep into the Oldeart or followed the White Wash into the Vikriain. As Celin grew it became obvious the surrounding coast could not support a growing population. So, the first Council of Elders was called and it was decided that rather than cut down part of the Forest, two groups would leave Celin and set up villages to the north and south – Malen and Celinas. With aid from Celin both settlements prospered.

As might be expected the sea-going nature of these Elves led them to be the first to encounter the other races in their new homeland. A fishing ship was the first victim of a young red dragon, rumoured to live in the high mountain ranges between Malen and Celin. Dwarves were also discovered fairly quickly, but since the Sea Elves of the time were uninterested in trade and the Dwarves disliked fishing immensely, these encounters were far from friendly.

It wasn’t until the second settlements had been established that the Sea Elves first encountered Orcs, Goblins, Gnolls and other such evil beings allegedly driven to the surface by the relentless mining activities of the Dwarves (something the Elves took great exception to). The Sea Elves felt that their claim on the territory surrounding their settlements was legitimate and did not take kindly to trespassers. They realized that they were likely to face threats from their land border as well as the water. The Elders discussed the matter at great length, with the ‘Forest Chieftains’ (Elves of the Oldeart and the Vikriain). Alliances were made, which still exist today, binding the elven races in a common defence of their growing lands. This expansion brought the races into contact with the Sylvan Elves to whom these treaties were extended.

The rivers became key to trade, commerce and, as the land was heavily forested were the main sources of food. All elves of the 1st age had skill with boats.