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We have encountered 4 pantheons of Gods


Anubis =

Lioness Head = Loki?

Ra = Sun God = Frey/Artemis = the Hunter




There are correlations between them but not perfectly in phase - a ninety degree shift in the elemental influences seemed to occur between pantheons of each religion; the order of these shifts was chronological, starting with the Egyptian, then Greek, the Norse and finally the Oriental.

Some notes on Mythos from Dafydd Notes on Mythos

Norse - stability until Ragnarok Greek - young usurps the old Egyptian - rebirth Oriental - rebalancing of Yin/Yang through disasters

Do the positive/negative ages mark a shift in Mythos? Gods are not equivalent (alternate names), but exist separately. Lanzi may actually be Lastar reincarnated.

-- Notes on Gates --

Natural locations of gates are:

Olga - Ethereal Nagrad - Water Malek - Positive Zundar - Negative Tiris - Fire

Sylvan Elves not necessarily of the Prime - Glade might be another natural gate.

-- Powers on the Prime --

Inwe acts as a negative agent for all the Gods, but has aspirations of becoming a Goddess. She also desires power on the Prime, possibly as a backup.

Iki/Malor is building power on the Prime and encouraging the coming of Ragnarok so that he can inherit the Prime afterwards. He is seeking protection from a -ve Earth dragon.

Who is the +ve power/bloom on the Prime? Who rules the Inner Planes and what can we do for them?

The lord tends to stay on their plane, but they have a champion on the Prime and their power is affected by the blooms. If the blooms are 'in bloom' at the same time then powers are balanced (elemental link?)

From: Dafydd 28 (Dafydd’s vision from BW28)

…the vision centres on a meeting between Zeus and Odin

About the Gods

- Reflects an alliance between Odin and Zeus because they are concerned about the alliance between Hel and Loki. - Loki (check interpretation?) responsible for the sword being on the Prime o If true then the Sword was introduced to promote chaos - Zeus wants Odin’s help to return the sword to its ‘origins’ (possibly with Zeus?)

…next focus is on the corruption of Yorinksen by Guerin

About Us

- Odin thinks that Dafydd should return that which once belonged in Zeus’ realm (presume this is the sword?) - Odin expects Dafydd to start at the place shown in the vision (possibly Locklustar?) – somewhere in the far south of Amorsland