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Different races record history from a different perspective, frequently with a different calendar of reference. Therefore, the years in the various histories are not necessarily aligned.

History of the First Age

History of the Second Age

History of the Third Age

At the end of the Third Age, Elves and Dwarves migrate (flee) from Everinstar in the East to Amorsland in the West, a place that many men already call home. They are later joined by men of the East, including Yagitamo's samurai. The dates in these histories will still be tracked against the calendar of Everinstar but will, where appropriate, including the dates according to the Men of Amorsland.

History of the Fourth Age(E)

History of Amorsland (W) Fifth/Sixth

History of the Fifth Age(E)

History of the Sixth Age(E)

We are currently in the Sixth Age and the major events from this period can be found in Father Dafydd's Chronicles. However, a few key dates for events that preceded Father Dafydd's arrival, are captured below:

History of the New White Council

For completeness, the original document that provided the history according to the Men of Amorsland is included below. However, the information is already included in the Fourth-Fifth Age History above.

First Age - Men of Amorsland

Other Historical Extracts

Ancient History of the Sea Elves