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The journals of Fawn, wandering mage and wild man of Farass

Journal - Fontainver and a New Direction

Upon reaching my destination I quickly found myself leaving again, this time in strange company, but at least better fed.

Journal - Efferendil, a Glade and the Tree

Somehow we got caught up in a battle to free the glade from dark elves and finally found the tree.

Journal - The Lands of the Gods

Baldir took us on an epic journey to Asgard! ...and then we came back again.

Journal - The Lands of the (Other) Gods

Not content with one divine encounter, we visited Olympus as well.

Journal - Yarlug (the suicide mission)

Just for a change we jumped through a one-way portal with no idea where to go on the other side.

Journal - South of the Efferendil

Having surprised ourselves by escaping alive from Yarlug, we decided to wander off into enemy territory to see if we could get ourselves killed in a more unexpected way.

Journal - The Lost Souls of the North