Keys of Kagrash

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Created by Kagrash

They enable the owner to divine hidden locations, even across planes.

(40) 885 - Of Kagrash - Perverted by the shard, Kagrash kills his uncle, Prakast, and takes control of Keffendir. Aware that other parts of the Gem may lie within the other great Dwarven and Elven Houses, and without access to either Palantir or Gate from Keffendir, he sets about discovering their secret entrances. Imprisoning and torturing many of Orodruin’s folk he has keys made which not only grant access to the Minas and the halls beneath but also point out their location. He was surprised to discover that Gulcar, one of Orodruin’s descendants, had been commissioned to assist with the construction of a great Drow city – Nagrad. Kagrash gained a Key to Nagrad and used it to open up very lucrative trading routes with the Drow.

There are an unknown number but: 'we know that they were involved in building all Minas and many of the human structures like Sutur'

Inwe has been collecting them since c. 1000

Guerin has had some

Ellerienne found one which the party ended up using.




Zundar - used by Ellerienne