Orb of Dragor

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Milai devotes much of her time in Ishtur to studying the Orb of Dragor and the LG Shard. What she learns is a combination of visions, her own dweomer, her own knowledge of history and the collective wisdom of many gnomes.

The Orb is 6” in diameter, has an encumbrance of 200 and glows when it has control of a dragon. The Orb’s colour reflects any dragon that it has control of. If no dragons are under control it turns a very deep purple – almost black. The colour reflects the fact that the Orb is also wholly evil and will attempt to pervert the actions of anyone wielding it – succeeding if it has even a single point of ego higher than its owner. However, it should be noted that it does not have the same power has Lastar’s artefacts and is weaker than the Heartstone for example.

Like many artefacts, the Orb has an ego; it is sentient and will communicate in elf, dwarf, common and any of the dragon languages. When no dragons are involved then all that matters is the ego of the Orb and character trying to control it. If a dragon is being summoned then the ego is worked out both for the orb, the character and for the dragon trying to be controlled; should the orb have the highest ego, it might get the dragon to attack the character. If the Dragon has the highest ego he will almost certainly be enraged. Whenever the Orb wins a battle of wills it will always attempt wholly evil actions.

When the orb is handled for the first time it is likely to attack with psionics against anyone failing a sv throw - Mlai passed her save.

Summoned dragons save vs Spell and add or subtract any difference in ego score when compared with the highest ego – PC or Orb. Only 1 dragon may be controlled for every 4 levels of experience – treat the orb as 12th level if it has the highest ego.

Control requires complete concentration – only limited conversation and movement that does not have to be thought about – walking etc. Once under control, a ‘link’ can be established. Provided the difference in ego is greater than 5 points in favour of either the orb or the PC, and the dragon is of broadly similar alignment, a further saving throw is required before the ‘link’ begins. The link connects the orb and, thus the wielder, with the controlled dragon no matter where it is. Furthermore, once it is established, concentration is no longer required. However, if more than one dragon is under control no link can exist and the range is reduced to 36”. The orb will never work on or be used by undead – Dracolich for example.

Additional powers bestowed on the wielder whose ego is at least 5 points greater than the orb, otherwise sv is required against the orb:

Fly 3 times per day Once per week the PC can use a breath weapon – either Acid, Poison Gas, Fire, Ice or Lightning - just as a dragon of the appropriate colour; number of dice of damage is equal to the PC’s level. If the owner is not a spell user he gains the ability to cast MU spells at half his level when in possession. If he is a spell user he gains 1 additional spell per spell level having successfully ‘possessed’ the orb. The PC’s natural strength is increased to 18/00 having successfully ‘possessed’ the orb. Project an image of the controlled dragon once per week – improved illusion.