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Takeda - Trainer: Brionne Celen - Human Warrior

Not a samurai, but very useful with two swords. Brionne was travelling with a Cleric – Raga Tor – to Fontainver and on to Everinstar. Raga had seen a vision that he thought was of Ragnarack. He saw a huge undead dragon sweep over a rolling plane, spewing fire at a vast army led by a beautiful oriental queen. The Drow were arrayed cross the Planes to their front and a huge army of undead and creatures of the lowest Planes to their rear. It seemed to be the last battle of the Prime. Raga was drawn to it and Brionne, his only friend, wished to be part of the final battle on the Prime. He knew the risks of Ragnarack but was certain that he would endure and take up his place in the New World Order. A worshipper of Thor, Takeda was interested in his faith and was taken by his do or die mentality. Brionne asked for nothing in return for his help, save that Takeda considered lending his sword to aid Thor. He knows othing of the Standard but does know much about the Samurai Army Malor has marched south.

Fawn - Trainer: Evilyn Lerroire – Sylvan Elf Mage

Evilyn had lived with the Sylvan elfves of Efferendill all her life. She had learnt dweomer from her mother before, at her passing, researching her own. Fawn realise that she was extremely bright but lacked focus. She was pretty, quick, impulsive and very quirky. Fawn loved her immediately. She was not interested in love – had no time for it – but was happy to pass on her knowledge of magic in return for a couple of extra spells for her book. She lived, like many of her folk, in the trees. Her ‘house’ was one of the loftier and had plenty of open space to allow Evilyn to look at the stars. She spoke little of her family except to say they were killed in the recent wars against the Great Arch Demon. Like many here she had suffered terrible loss. They all seemed to be waiting for Malenwe to return and bring piece or the final battle. In two weeks she teaches Fawn how to raise a wall of fog to hide his escape, how to hypnotise creatures and get them to do his bidding and how to create a hideous vile-smelling green cloud of noxious gas.

Baldir - Trainer: Raga Tor – Man of Farass – Cleric

Raga, an Odin worshipper, had a call (he believed) from his God to rally in Everinstar and face the final battle against evil – Hel and Loki in the form of the Drow and the Great Demon’s foul host. He had escaped Malor’s forces as they smashed his small temple, some five leagues south of Haverel. The once mighty bridge in that city was now held by the enemy. The nomadic Men of Farass were even more scattered, their make-shift dwellings, temples and shrines were destroyed. Raga began his journey east with Brionne in the autumn, eventually finding a guide named Lear – an elf ranger – who brought them here. He would take them to Fontainver from where they had hoped to catch a ride to Everinstar. The news of the battle at the Sea Elves’ Castle had spread like wildfire throughout Amorsland – hope returned. Raga saw this as another sign.

Rhionne - Trainer: Lear of Girenshon

Lear was high born (for a Ranger), descended from a long line of elves whose natural home was the forests around the ford of Girenshon. He too was taking a party on a journey, just in the opposite direction, towards Fontainver. They spoke of Ragnarack and the final battle on the Prime, which would be fought in Everenstar. Lear too brought recent news of the enemies’ movements. The Drow had turned south and would be at the Forest within the month, but that was not the worst of it. A Lich had come to Vorsay with a mighty samurai army. With the King absent, his son and heir turned against them and Malenwe being chased across Farass, it appeared the Forest might finally meet its doom. However, the elves would not forsake Efferendil, he was certain. The oldest of them, under Celestar, would come to their aid. He also thought the Men of Farass would offer what assistance they could. Then there was Milai, she was always good to the Efferendil. Whatever help Rhionne and his friends could provide would be greatly appreciated.