Sylvan Elves

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First Age and pre-History

Nimsor married Elferielle

They had 4 children:

Gelmir Lord of the Sylvan Lands, wearer of the 4th crown

Lenerienne Lady of the Lakes, married to Gildorian of the Vikrain

Fringol First of the 'new' Drow of Morgrad

[[Celandorien Wielder of Light, first disciple of Lastar

First and Second Age

Gelmir had 3 children:

Gillire Lord of the Sylvan Lands

Aeriem Destroyer of Drow

Passonar Healer of wounds

Passonar had 4 children:

Astorin The Traveller, Elven Lord of Helfellin

Florienne Lady of the Stars, wearer of the 4th crown

Lucielle Queen of the Sylvan Lands

Celestar Defender King of the Sylvan Lands

Celestar had 3 children:


Dormarie Dordraug's jailer, bearer of the 5th crown

Cahagra Champion of the Dwarves